Friday, January 17, 2014

Top Free Android Apps to instant message and free call.

Are you planning to buy a new Android device or you already have one may be it was Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z ultra or HTC One but unable to choose the right app for the device. May be you are crazy about messaging or talk with the others but the operator’s cost a lot for talking per minute. Don’t worry I will bring you a suitable solution of this problem. All you need an Android device and an average internet connection and I will pull you out from this problem. All are the top free android apps to be used are all free on the Android Market and you will able to talk to your desired person at any time or the time you want.

The top free Android Apps that are great for instant messaging and free video calls are given below:

Google Voice:

The Google Voice app is the most user familiar and powerful messaging app which is developed by Google. The messaging app is able to send, receive and read the messages and also the most unique is the transfer the voice into text message. It uses the Google server to send or receive data which ensures more security.


The world’s most popular messaging app, which is used for voice calls and video call. It has now come in mobile versions, with the Skype app you can make calls for free to Skype contact to Skype Contact at the main time also eligible to receive or send messages. You can also call to the phone numbers that you want by buying Skype-credit. The use of this app is so simple.


Yahoo Messenger:

The Yahoo Messenger is mainly used by the people who use yahoo mail. By this app you can send and receive mail or IM and also can do voice and video call. This messaging app ensures the HD (Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound) in video and voice calling.


Now-a-days firing is mostly used video and voice call app in the Android Market. The messaging app is so popular because the developers are using the latest DVQ™ technology which makes the sound and video so clear and cheap. With Fring you can make calls to anywhere in the world starting at 1¢/minute.

These apps are all free on the Android Market and have become a part and parcel for any Android device.  These Top Free Android Apps have pulled down the user expenses and also connects the heart of people’s who live a far away from each one.  

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